insurance Carré Neige

an insurance to accompany you during your stay

to be well assured is making the most of your holiday in serenity.

This is why the ESF of Couchevel Village suggests le Carré neige to provide you with all the necessary assistance and insurance guarantees in case of an accident during your stay.

With the Carré Neige,you benefit from the skills of the best professionals of the sector and full benefits, the rescue slope team to the reimbursement of the ski passes and transport by ambulance.

You assure your protection, but also that of your family and limit the costs which in the mountains can reach heights.

So to ski free of mind and hurtle down the slopes in all serenity, alone, with family or friends, think Carré Neige.

how does it work ?

what price ?

The ESF of Courchevel 1550, the Carré Neige is proposed for lessons of 5 or 6 days, when ordering your lesson in the form of an option.
  • Carré Neige Child : 14,40 € /6 Days - 12,00 €/5 Days.
  • Carré Neige Adult : 16,80 € /6 Days - 14,00 €/5 Days.
You can also subscribe to this inssurance directly to our sales agents at your arrival in the resort.

what happens in case of an accident ?

Carré Neige takes in charge all spending as soon as you use the professionals to help you or to find you or to give you first aid.

the more of Carré Neige

  • Rescue and  evacuation.
  • Repayment of ski passes and ski lessons for a duration of more than 3 days.
  • Additional guarantees: reimbursement of medical expenses, pharmaceutical and hospital in addition to mandatory health agencies; warranty defense legal recourse.
  • Breakage of ski.
  • Repatriation.

Reimbursement of ski lessons *

  • In the event of the insured person resulting in an inability to ski (within the limit of 300 €).
  • In the case of illness, it means any alteration of health prohibiting the practice of skiing to the insured and resulting inability to ski for the rest of the stay (within the limit of 300 €).
  • In case of an anticipated return  by the family of the insured.
  • In the event of repatriation of the injured person insured by Carré Neige.
  • When the chair lifts have stopped for more than five consecutive hours.
  • To a parent ( and only one ) holder of Carré Neige to ensure the safekeeping of an injured child who has Carré Neige insurance.
  • Stopping of the lifts by weather for a period greater than one day or more than 80% of the capacity of the ski area.

*detailed requirements on

what is the procedure to follow in case or repatriation ?

  • Beyond 150 km, if your state of health so requires, you can ask your repatriation, by calling Europ Assistance au : 01 41 85 85 96.
  • Below 150 km  and on the day of the accident: to obtain support or reimbursement, you can contact the management center Carré Neige au 04 79 07 36 11 ou au 04 79 07 36 12

How to obtain reimbursement of ski lessons ?

Complete within 8 days the claims statement form available on the website Carré Neige or in the offices selling Carré Neige and sent it , with any supporting documents to the following address :
  • DIOT Montagne Assurances Carré Neige
73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex
Attach the following supporting documents: :
  • Original lift passes (and or the original proof of purchase of the ski pass and Carré Neige)
  • Medical certificate of the doctor stating the nature of the injury and there is or not inability to ski.

how to follow my repayments ?

.Upon processing of your claim, Diot montagne will provide you with file reference. It allows you to monitor in real time the status of you repayments on it's website.