For all reservations, please read notice of general sales conditions .

We wish you an pleasant stay in Courchevel Village.

For a good operation of the ESF and for a pleasant stay, we ask you to comply with the following rules:

the smooth running of a lesson depends on the ski instructor and you also

  • Arrive in advance at meeting points which are indicated on you lesson card. You must be in possession of your lesson card at all times during lesson and private lessons.
  • If you chose a formula with ski pass, you magnetic card must be placed in the left pocket of you jacket what faciliates the transition to each lift controls.
  • Participation in lessons does not exclude a certain autonomy of the pupil. The pupil should see to it's own security.

remember to equip your child in function of needs

The equipment is not provided in our services.
  • Children must come equipped to lessons (ski and ski shoes ).
  • For all children lessons a helmet is strongly recommended..
  • Remember to give your child a small snack.

Important information

  • Timetables and programs could be changed during the season by the management of the ESF.
  • La climatic conditions and lift failures ca not be attributable to instructors.
  • The actual times of lessons may be reduced for reasons beyond our control; No refund is made. (see our terms and conditions)


Pupils are not insured by the ESF. To avoid the risk and financial troubles of an accident, we recommend that you take the Carré Neige
To consult the guarantees, please use the website of Carré Neige.