Enfants :

Goomie Rider

  • Traverse the trail in a straight run and complete with a turn frontside and backside
  • Use the ski-lifts in protected areas
  • Perform elementary failling leavers frontside and backside
  • Do a straight un with board in flat position, with vertical movements
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Rookie Rider

  • Link 4 to 6 turns on a green slope
  • Perform fakie turns on a green slope frontside and backside, strating i the fall line
  • Ride a box 50-50
  • Perform failling leaf frontside and backside on a moderate slope.
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  • Perform 4 to 6 turns on a marked route on a green slope
  • Perform 1 voluntary jump interspersed with sliding phases with board in flat position on easy slopes
  • Perform a 180 slide while traversing (front or cab).
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ADOS, Adultes :

snowboard taster

  • Effectuer un parcours de type nordique avec un seul pied chaussé.
  • Faire demi-tour à terre, se relever.
  • Glisser en trace directe 1er degré.
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Snowboard 1

  • Link 6 to 8 elementary turns on a marked run
  • Link 4 to 6 fakie turns on a green slope
  • Perform a small jump on a feature, with board in flat position at take-off and landing
  • Link 2 frontside 180 slides and cab, with a backside turn in between
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Snowboard 2

  • Link narrow basic turns on a moderate slope
  • Link 6 to 8  elementary fakie turns on a marked route
  • Link 2 180° pops with frontside rotation and cab while traversing with a turn in between
  • Perform a tail press on a box.
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Snowboard 3

  • Link advanced  large and small radius turns on groomed snow
  • Maintain a nose slide or tail slide on snow
  • Link 2 180° back and switch pops while traversing, with a frontside turn in between
  • Perform a grab on a medium table, keeping your balance in the air.
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Snowboard Expert

  • Perform a freestyle descent in all snow and ground conditions combining speed, trajectories, style and precision
  • Link a minimum of 4 different flat manoeuvres
  • Boardslide on a box and perform a 360° on a medium table
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