Nursery- La Maison des Enfants
Babyclub : 18 months to 3 years

Loads of souvenirs for your little ones !

100% playful and entertaining moments right in the middle of Courchevel 1550, Why not confide us your child at La Maison des Enfants. Supervised by attentive and qualified professionals, they will be able to take part in numerous learning activities adapted to their rhythm. As well as traditional activities, your child will be able to experience pleasures of the snow as well as to share and discover moments such as sledging, making snowmen, treasures hunts and lots more. 

"For mum and dad, don’t forget my favourite toy or teddy bear, nappies, a change of clothes and my ski suit."

Offer them privileged moments that they won’t forget !

You can also inscribe your children from the age of 3 years old to ski school. Find all the information's here !  

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unit price

It's possible to book on line for one or for more sessions
1 Morning - Babyclub                                                                                 09h00 - 12h00 35 €
1 Afternoon - BabyClub                                                                              14h00 - 17h0035 €
1 Lunch - BabyClub                                                                                      12h00 - 14h0023 €
1 Full Day - BabyClub                                                                                   09h00 - 12h00              &            14h00 - 17h0062 €
1 Morning + 1 lunch - BabyClub                                                         09h00 - 14h00 59 €
1 Afternoon + 1 lunch - BabyClub                                                      12h00 - 17h0059 €
1 Full day + 1 lunch-  BabyClub                                                           09h00 - 17h0080 €

Things to remember

  • Health book and vaccination records.