Nursery - LA maison des Enfants
Kids club : starting from the age of 4 years

A head full of souvenirs for our little champions.

100% entertaining and sporting moments in the heart of Courchevel Village, it’s possible to confide us your child at La Maison des Enfants which is supervised by attentive professionals. He will take part in activities which are adapted to their ages. 
For the older ones a programme rich and varied is proposed such as : 

Outdoor activities :
  • Winter games (human curling, snow mini golfing, rugby and football on the snow) 
  • Biathlon Laser Giant 
  • Snow ball fights 
  • Snow man competition Treasures hunts, Easter eggs, Snow shoe hunts

Indoor activities :
  • Creative workshops(Christmas decorations, painting, origami, magic sand, salt dough.) 
  • Cookery classes Language work shops. 
  • And much more 

 We can look after your child half days, full days and for lunch at La Maison des Enfants.

"Don’t forget clothes to play inside and warm clothes for outside, sun cream sun glasses..."

You can also inscribe your children  to ski lessons. Find all the information’s here ! 

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unit price

It's possible to book one, or more sessions
1 Morning - Kids Club                                                                          09h00 - 12h00 35 €
1 Afternoon - Kids Club                                                                       14h00 - 17h0035 €
1 Lunch - Kids Club                                                                               12h00 - 14h0023 €
1 Full Day - Kids Club                                                                            09h00 - 12h00              &            14h00 - 17h0062 €
1 morning + 1 lunch - Kids Club                                                        09h00 - 14h00 59 €
1 afternoon + 1 lunch - Kids Club                                                     12h00 - 17h0059 €
1 Full day + 1 lunch-  Kids Club                                                           09h00 - 17h0080 €


Health book and vaccination records.