advice for Parents

  • Please arrive on time (10 minutes early) for the start of group or private lessons: any delay is included in the lesson time.
  • Ensure your child arrives with their lesson card
  • The student must have a lift pass from Vallée de Courchevel or 3 Vallées before arriving at the lesson. EXCEPT THE FIRST DAY FOR BEGINNERS - The instructor will tell you when your child will need it.
  • Children going to Club Piou Piou do not need a lift pass.
  • The child must be suitably equipped and dressed according to the weather conditions: complete ski suit, mittens, goggles or sunglasses, sunscreen, handkerchiefs, small snack (cereal bar).
  • Inform the instructor if your child has any health problems.
  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended for children on the slopes.
  • Do not stay for the lesson or question your child during the lesson. 
  • Leave it up to the expert instructor to decide on any change in level for your child.

We also thank you to take note of the following information:
  • The ESF declines any responsibility for material or bodily accidents that may occur to students. 
  • Atmospheric weather conditions, lift failures or other accidents cannot be attributed to the instructors.
  • In the event of any lesson cancellation that is out of our hands, no refund will be made.